Healing Through Lola’s ArtKit™

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Featured Artist

An artist and dementia care professional, Lola Fraknoi uses art both to portray her own journey as a dementia care partner and to assist individuals living with dementia. Inspired by her personal journey with her mother’s journey with dementia, Lola created Lola’s ArtKit, a series of two and three dimensional activities, designed to bring out creativity in people with memory loss.  

Time and time again, research has shown the benefits of art programming for people living with dementia, and Lola’s ArtKit brings creative therapies into the home. The foundation of the ArtKit is offering interesting prompts — half an image for them to fill in or a texture for them to incorporate. The other half is left open to the artist’s choice. While offering a visual cue for what could be created, it also opens up a blank canvas. The beauty of the ArtKit is its ability to be used in a variety of settings — day programs, residential care facilities, or at home. Its versatility allows caregivers in any capacity to uncover their loved one’s creativity. The ArtKit has been purchased by caregivers all over the world. As Lola says, this shows that the “language of art is universal.”

While Lola’s ArtKit aims to bring art and creativity into the homes of people living with dementia and caregivers everywhere, Lola also is inspired by her personal experience with dementia in her own work. Her art reflects images inspired by her own caregiver journey when her mother could no longer use words to communicate. She shared that art was an outlet for her and a way to process her experience. Lola’s work reflects how individuals living with dementia have unseen strengths through creativity. This can be a joyful outlet for both the individual with memory loss and her care partners.

For more information about Lola’s ArtKit or her personal art work, check out the websites below.




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