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Dementia Arts Impact Awards

We support visual and performing artists who raise awareness about dementia, and inspire creativity in people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease.

Interested in applying next year? Join our Artist Community here and we’ll let you know when to apply!

What are the Dementia Arts Impact Awards?

Are you an artist telling new stories of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease through your work?  Are you bringing artistic programming to persons with dementia, inspiring creativity and joy in your community?   If so, we invite you to apply for this year’s Dementia Arts Impact Awards.

The Award is a collaborative effort!  Dementia Spring offers support for artists doing this important work, subject matter expertise, help with project marketing and impact outreach, and engagement with the wider dementia arts community.

What type of artists and art organizations are allowed to participate?

Grant applications for the Dementia Arts Impact Award are open to artists and arts groups involved in the following categories:

  • Visual Arts, including painting, coloring, sculpting, and film
  • Music, including listening to, singing, and playing music
  • Drama & Movement, including acting, storytelling, dance, choreography, playwriting, and expressive movement
  • Songwriting & Poetry, including writing and reading of poetry

What are the award benefits?

The Dementia Arts Impact Award provides the following benefits to award recipients:

  • A grant of up to $10,000 to advance their work
  • Essential marketing and technical support, including professionally produced videos and social media resources
  • Access to subject matter experts in dementia, caregiving, senior living, palliative and end-of-life care, and other clinical/scientific fields relevant to the work
  • Access to a network of artists and arts organizations telling new stories about dementia
  • Notifications of additional funding opportunities for work related to or with the dementia community

Why does this award exist?

Dementia Spring believes in supporting creative artists from various fields who use their talents to raise awareness, promote dignity, and create a greater sense of belonging for individuals experiencing dementia.


Interested in the Dementia Arts Impact Award? Join our Artist Community to receive updates on award recipients and when to apply next. It’s free to join!

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Past Award Recipients

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