Friends, Supporters & Partners


AlzAuthors is a community of authors sharing Alzheimer’s and dementia stories to light the way for others. Featuring a new author or podcast guest each week, now over 300 strong and growing. For information about becoming an AlzAuthors, please see their Contact page.

Bob and Diane Fund

Created in honor of Bob and Diane Martin, their goal is to bring visual understanding and dialogue to a disease that has been in the shadows for far too long.  They fund photographers annually, with submissions due in October.  For more information see their Grants page.

Day by Day Project

The Day by Day Project combines Silent Disco Technology with a comprehensive Music Engagement program to bring the power of music ANYWHERE, by ANYONE, at ANYTIME.  Meet the founders and learn more about how to bring this unique platform to a community near you. 

Lizzy Care

Lizzy Care turns caregiver heroes into Superheroes. Based in the New York tri-state area, Lizzy Care empowers families on the dementia journey with the tools, people and resources they need to stay safe and vibrant at home. Book a free consult and learn more about their program HERE.

Snowy Owl

The mission of the Snowy Owl Foundation is to support land, arts, education, and human need with imagination by providing nourishment to good organizations.  Founded in 2010 and based in Louisville, KY., their grant applications are accepted quarterly, visit their website for more information.

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