Featured Artists

Check out the latest artists who are grappling with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia of all kinds through their original work.

Ann Clarke standing next to rugs hung on gallery wall

Lessons of Empathy

Fiber artist and professor Ann Clarke weaves emotional, resonant tales of Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving into her large scale textile works, which might just end up on the floor!

Robert Pontius, MD and team of medical professionals in surgery

I Still Love You

Caring for a loved one with dementia is always challenging, but especially when dementia is accompanied by other illnesses. That’s where artist Diane Pontius was when she started caring for and filming her father, Robert Pontius, MD.

Cast of Tangles & Plaques | Photo Credit: Joe Mazza

Tangles & Plaques

Kirsten Riiber and her colleagues at Chicago’s Neo-Futurist Theater bring dementia to life on stage and educate younger generations about the disease.

Sky on Swings - Photo by Dominic Mercier

Sky on Swings

Using opera to explore the inner lives of two modern women with dementia, composer Lembit Beecher paints a tender, complex portrait of what it’s like to actually live with Alzheimer’s disease.

My last photograph of Dad, December 10, 2009 (Photo by Steve DiRado)

With Dad

Stephen DiRado and his father Gene collaborate on a deeply intimate photographic story of dementia, from diagnosis through Gene’s final days.

The Rest I Make Up

Not everyone gets to meet their hero, and fewer become their friend, but that’s what happened to journalist Michelle Memran when she looked up María Irene Fornés.

Jason Bard Yarmosky artwork

Elder Kinder

Painter Jason Yarmosky’s intimate, offbeat oil-on-canvas portraits of his grandparents challenge our notions of aging, heroism and Alzheimer’s disease.

Amy Parrish artwork

Check the Mail for Her Letter

Obscuring the border between reality and illusion, visual artist Amy Parrish expresses her grief through original work after the loss of a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease.



Simultaneously tender and haunting, these hyper-realistic, mixed-media portraits emphasize the slow evolution of Lou’s confusion while celebrating the wisdom and grace she had shown all her life.

LeilanaNorman book

Caring is Art

Caring is Art by Leilani Norman offers an outlet and validation for caregivers everywhere through art and resources.

Hiromi Tango

Rainbow Mind

Tango’s artistic intention is to be responsive, caring and unpresuming, which is perhaps why she relates so well to older adults, those with dementia and caregivers.

Dark Moon movie set

Dark Moon

Mathews is one of many visual and performing artists who are telling a new story of dementia through various mediums, and the Dementia Spring Foundation is proud to support her journey.

About Dementia Spring

The Dementia Spring Foundation connects artists with the dementia community to raise awareness and improve access to the arts for people with memory loss.