Living with Dementia

Answers to common questions about living with dementia from the Dementia Spring team.

Elderly man painting

Understanding Sundowning

Sundowning refers to an increase in dementia symptoms generally occurring at the end of the day. Here, we’ll discuss tips to decrease sundowning symptoms for your loved one.

Elderly woman smiling holding hands

Do People Die of Dementia?

A dementia diagnosis often leads to more questions than answers. Here, Dr. Marc Rothman answers a commonly asked question- do people die from dementia?

Maria Irene Fornes in 2010 (Photo by Michelle Memran)

Living Alone with Dementia

For people living with dementia, there can be many challenges to living independently. However, with support from loved ones, like Irene Fornés had from Michelle Memran, individuals can live safely.

The Boxer 2012. Oil on linen 72 x 60 in. Private collection.

The Art of Play

Jason Yarmosky shows us what it means to incorporate fun into a dementia journey. How do you spark joy and creativity with your loved one?

Lost Recipes

Food brings people together. Losing the ability to prepare and serve meals can be frustrating and leads to other problems. Here’s what to look out for.

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How Can I Protect My Loved One Online?

Though we often associate social media with younger people, more and more older adults are utilizing social media as the baby boomer generation ages. Social media and the internet have

Saxophone player

The Magic of Music

A personal story about recognizing and appreciating how the music of our youth can play a significant role in easing the trauma of Alzheimer’s disease. 

About Dementia Spring

The Dementia Spring Foundation connects artists with the dementia community to raise awareness and improve access to the arts for people with memory loss.