Caring is Art

Caring is Art by Leilani Norman offers an outlet and validation for caregivers everywhere through art and resources.
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Caring for someone living with dementia is an intimate role and while it is often rewarding, it can also be difficult. As a caregiver, some may feel alone as they navigate their loved one’s diagnosis. Leilani Norman is telling a new story of dementia caregiving. Having been the primary caregiver for her mother, Leilani has since dedicated her life to supporting caregivers and learning more about dementia and older adults.

leilana-normanInspired by her own caregiving journey and artistic background, Leilani is publishing her first book dedicated to dementia caregivers –  Caring is Art. Caring is Art seeks to help caregivers feel seen, appreciated and to provide an outlet. A combination of caregiving tips, meditations, and artwork Caring is Art is a work that all caregivers can connect with. Whether it’s for yourself, or a caregiver in your life, check out Caring is an Art and find a meaningful release.

You can learn more about Leilani and purchase her book at

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Dementia Support Northwest.

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