Featured Artists

Check out the latest artists who are grappling with memory loss, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia of all kinds through their original work.

Diane Retallack Eugene concert choir

Shadow and Light

The libretto from Shadow and Light: An Alzheimer’s Journey in 16 Movements – an epic choral-orchestral work on the subject of Alzheimer’s – is at times comical, inspiring, and heartbreaking.


Music Therapy at Home

Karla Wilson, a board certified Music Therapist, brings music therapy into the homes of clients all over. While she works with a range of clients, Karla has a passion for working with those living with dementia and at end of life.


Lola’s ArtKit™

An artist and dementia care professional, Lola Fraknoi uses art to portray her own journey as a dementia care partner as well as inspire individuals living with dementia.


Memory Bridge

Josh Dorman, painter and mixed media artist, had his first exposure to dementia in 2007 when he collaborated with the Memory Bridge Foundation to travel to a Chicago nursing home to create the six large “portraits” of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease.


Persistence of Memory

The paintings of Utermohlen provide a unique window into the mind of a person living with Alzheimer’s disease, while dually providing an outlet for Utermohlen in the later stages of his life.

Tiffany Ramirez holding a painting and smiling

Artisan Mind

Tiffany Ramirez founded Artisan Mind in 2014 with the goal to bring art programs to individuals with memory loss who may be limited in their access to creative and culturally based programs.

Judith Kate Friedman holding guitar and singing

Songwriting Works™

Songwriting Works™ Works and the Songwriting Works™ Educational Foundation are truly unique and inspirational programs where people with dementia of all types work together in groups to compose original songs and then sing them together.


Dance for Connection

Donna Newman-Bluestein is a dance therapist and founder of Dance for Connection. She is an expert in facilitating a comfortable environment for expression, especially for those living with dementia.


The Poet

Caring for someone living with dementia is a dance, a journey of ups and downs – with both the individual living with the diagnosis and their care partner playing a unique role. This emotional journey of a dance is what Tara Lee sought to portray in her ballet turned film, “The Poet”.


The Little French Bridal Shop

The message that Dupee wants readers to take away is that despite dementia being a heavy topic – when we allow ourselves to be vulnerable – we can find ourselves, hopefulness, and meaningful connections.

Alex Winstanley holding My Grandma Has Dementia book

My Grandma Has Dementia

Alex Winstanley is the co-founder of a non-profit organization Happy Smiles Training which focuses on providing disability and social inclusion training to businesses and organizations.

About Dementia Spring

The Dementia Spring Foundation connects artists with the dementia community to raise awareness and improve access to the arts for people with memory loss.