Art Programming

Art, nature program seeks to provide a meaningful, creative outlet for those living with dementia and the community.

Art Programming


Music Therapy at Home

Karla Wilson, a board certified Music Therapist, brings music therapy into the homes of clients all over. While she works with a range of clients, Karla has a passion for

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Lola’s ArtKit™

An artist and dementia care professional, Lola Fraknoi uses art to portray her own journey as a dementia care partner as well as inspire individuals living with dementia.

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Music Mends Minds

For Carol Rosenstein, founder and executive director of Music Mends Minds, Inc., music is about more than playing, more than jamming, more than social interactions… It’s about brain chemistry.

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About Dementia Spring

The Dementia Spring Foundation connects artists with the dementia community to raise awareness and improve access to the arts for people with memory loss.

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