A Good Day stage reading video screencap

A Good Day by Eric Sirota

Eric Sirota harnesses the power of music to rekindle the memory and awaken the mind in his dementia-inspired musical.

The paintings appear in black, white, and silver, the latter a homage to Diana’s father, John Francis Zipeto, and his hardware collection.

Resonance by Diana Zipeto

Diana Zipeto creates paintings inspired by images of her father’s brain, inviting viewers to sit with the complexity of dementia.

Ann Clarke standing next to rugs hung on gallery wall

Lessons of Empathy

Fiber artist and professor Ann Clarke weaves emotional, resonant tales of Alzheimer’s disease and caregiving into her large scale textile works, which might just end up on the floor!

Sky on Swings - Photo by Dominic Mercier

Sky on Swings

Using opera to explore the inner lives of two modern women with dementia, composer Lembit Beecher paints a tender, complex portrait of what it’s like to actually live with Alzheimer’s disease.

Saxophone player

The Magic of Music

A personal story about recognizing and appreciating how the music of our youth can play a significant role in easing the trauma of Alzheimer’s disease. 

About Dementia Spring

The Dementia Spring Foundation connects artists with the dementia community to raise awareness and improve access to the arts for people with memory loss.