Announcing the 2023 Dementia Arts Impact Award Recipients

Dementia Spring is delighted to announce the Dementia Arts Impact Awardees for 2023.
2023 Dementia Arts Impact Award Recipients: Sam Simon, Kim Blanck and Modesto Flako Jimenez

Dementia Spring is delighted to announce its latest Dementia Arts Impact Awardees. This year’s cohort features works by artists from around the country who use a range of artistic mediums to portray new stories of dementia.  

Sam Simon

DEMENTIA MAN, An Existential Journey

A one man play by Sam Simon, who himself is struggling with memory loss.


Read our Spotlight on DEMENTIA MAN, An Existential Journey

Kim Blanck


The first narrative film by actress and filmmaker Kim Blanck, GLORIA tells the story of an Asian-American woman dealing with memory loss in San Francisco and the journey she undertakes to try to stay active and vibrant in her community.

@gloria.shortfilm, @kblanck

Modesto Flako Jimenez


A stage play as well as a virtual reality multimedia experience, Mercedes describes the journey of a Latin American woman in Brooklyn and her experience with migration, dementia, and expressing herself through art and writing at the end of her life.

MERCEDES is by poet, playwright, actor and activist, Modesto Flako Jimenez, in collaboration with the ¡Oye! Group in Brooklyn.

@oyegroup, @modesto_flako_jimenez

The award is a partnership with the Dementia Spring Foundation. Artists will work with top experts in the dementia field with an aim to break new ground, artistically and clinically. Each awardee:

  • receives a grant up to $10,000 to advance their work.
  • helps build the Dementia Arts community through a cohort of artists and expert clinicians in the dementia field.
  • participates in one-on-one mentorship working within the dementia community.
  • receives essential marketing technical support, including a professionally produced video and expert social media collaboration.
  • is able to partner with Dementia Spring on marketing, outreach, and community engagement

Dementia Spring supports visual and performing artists who raise awareness about dementia, and inspire creativity in people living with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Learn more about Dementia Spring and the Dementia Arts Impact Awards at 

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