What is Parkinson’s Dementia?

As with other types of dementia, many with Parkinson’s find symptom relief with creative art therapies.
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The Parkinson’s Foundation estimates that there are currently 1 million Americans living with Parkinson’s disease, and that number is rising. 

Parkinson’s & Dementia

Parkinson’s dementia refers to cognitive decline that begins after someone is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Not all who have Parkinson’s disease will develop dementia, but those who do may experience changes in thinking and reasoning. As Parkinson’s spreads, more cognitive symptoms such as loss of memory and visual hallucinations may become present. 

Parkinson’s Disease and the Arts

Research shows that arts therapies can help manage symptoms of Parkinson’s dementia. According to the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, a recent research study showed improvement in hand dexterity, mood, and improved quality of life from art therapy

While some embrace structured creative therapies like art therapy and music therapy, others find solace in their own creativity and expression. Artists such as Norman Greenstein, have acknowledged the positive impact that painting and other forms of art have had on their life, following a dementia diagnosis. 

Choirs and dance groups designed for people living with Parkinson’s are other opportunities for people to add creativity into their lives. Some of Dementia Spring’s favorite art programs for Parkinson’s include: 

Do you have an arts program that has benefited a loved one living with Parkinson’s in your life? Share it with us below!

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