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Through frequent videos, podcasts and articles, Dementia Spring decodes the latest medical and scientific breakthroughs in our Dementia Arts Research and Living with Dementia programs. Millions of people are living, thriving and sharing their experiences with dementia in ways that would have been unthinkable decades ago, and the arts are an important part of their journey.

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Healing Through Lola’s ArtKit™

Healing Through Lola’s ArtKit™

An artist and dementia care professional, Lola Fraknoi uses art to portray her own journey as a dementia care partner as well as inspire individuals living with dementia. Inspired by her art career and her experience with her mother’s dementia, Lola created Lola’s ArtKit™. Lola’s ArtKit™ aims to bring out creativity in people living with dementia, while offering needed respite for carepartners.